home “Inner structures”  |  Andreas Horn Andreas Horn was born in Bremen, Germany in 1969 where he still lives and works. With his series of works "Inner structures", Andreas Horn shows that he has found his own individual style. Core and essential content of his abstract work is an intangible exploration of the nature of man, in particular man`s individual emotional world.    "My interest does not lie in the outer form of things in the material world, but in the natural forces, the inner workings and the inner spiritual dynamic processes of people which can be found behind the surface of the concrete world."   (Quotation of Andreas Horn) Engaging in the works of Andreas Horn means engaging in the intricate of one`s own emotional and mental world and the willingness of looking behind – on and behind life at all and one`s own meaning of life.    The works of the artist have been shown in several international exhibitions, art fairs and art projects.